How to Travel Safely when Earthquakes hit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is blessed with less natural disasters in terms of geographical location. However, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake of magnitude 7.9 in Nepal occurred and people were unable to predict when an earthquake would occur. The most popular tourist spots in Hong Kong are Taiwan and Japan, all located on the seismic belt. The only thing that can be done is to be prepared, keeping in mind that the following self-help must do six things, and in the event of traveling, they will not be in a hurry.

The first one: standing two small things

Since you are not locals, you have not prepared a disaster prevention package. At the time of flight, the telephone and water must be taken away. The telephone can be used for communication. At the same time, it can also be used for lighting. The sound of telephone calls is equivalent to blowing a whistle, which is an important tool for seeking help. The water is life insurance focus. If you can bring documents and money, it will help the rescue work.

The second tips: looking for “escape triangle”

In tall buildings, you may not be able to flee the scene and not a gratuitous plan. What you can do is look for the Escape Triangle. You want to find a “triangular position”, which refers to the triangular space formed after the collapse of large furniture and equipment. To know that hiding under the beams is actually very dangerous, because of the danger of direct collapse. On the contrary, this “triangle” is safer.

The third trick: local selection hides

Hiding under solid furnitures, such as the platform. Squatting in place, his hands to protect the head. Until safe to flee.

Fourth trick: to escape to the open area

As soon as possible, go to the open place. If you buy in the store, you should avoid the shelf, go to the mall less than empty things. While on the road, you should pay attention to billboards, street lamps, glass windows, etc., to avoid these potentially threatening items to the temporary shelter. Just remember, do not go the stairs.

Fifth trick: self-help tips

If trapped, remember to keep breathing open, but at the same time use clothing to avoid inhalation of toxic gases. Do not cry, do not be noisy, do not give up, so as to leave a breath, leaving a chance of being rescued.

Sixth trick: to protect the head

Wear a helmet, a hat, a toe cap, etc. In short, try your best to protect your head from any impact.