Have an Amazing Experience When You Camp on the Great Wall of China

Famously known as one of the world’s wonders, the Great Wall of China is a great place to visit. Besides walking along the wall, there is so much that this attraction has to offer. As you hike on its best sections, at times you wish you could just spend a night there to see how it feels. This is possible as you can go camping which gives you an amazing experience.

Things to Consider

There are several things that you consider before you embark on your camping trip. Besides having your camping gear, ensure that you know what to expect in terms of the weather and the surroundings.

Why Camp on the Great Wall of China

The question should be why not camp on the Great Wall of China. This is an amazing place to spend a night. You can sleep on one of the many watchtowers; watch the stars by night and wake up to lush greenery with fresh air. It gives a different feeling and relaxes your mind.

What to Avoid While Camping

It is advisable that you camp on the higher grounds.  This is because the weather can be quite unpredictable near the lake shores. The open fields should also be avoided and areas where the authorities do not allow camping. It is important that you enhance your safety and if you are not sure of the best camping sections, seek guidance from a local tour guide or a native.

It’s a Great Feeling

Being able to visit one of the world’s wonders and spending a night there is rewarding. It makes you feel great and it’s an accomplishment itself. You witness history and you imagine every moment that you have read in history. It is a peaceful place to be.

It’s an Awesome Experience

When you get somewhere you can pitch your tent such as the Great Wall of Gubeiko, you will love the experience. As you take long walks in worn out pathways, along with the wall, seeing the surroundings and watching some worn out parts of the structure is an incredible adventure itself.  

There are some amazing camping opportunities that the Great Wall of China will give you. The natural beauty of the surrounding; the lush greenery, the history, the sunlight in the morning when you wake up from your tent and the watchtowers will all give you an amazing experience.