Beat the Fear of Flying with These Tips

Traveling across the globe is something that most people envy. While some have the fear of flying, others get excited about it. If you have your perfect trip all planned out but you still have the fear of flying, there is always a way that you can beat this. By learning how to do it, you will be comfortable whether the flight is taking off, it’s at 15,000 feet above the ground or its landing. 

Learn about Inflight Safety

It will give you some peace of mind when you know you understand the safety features while inflight.…

Mosques in Morocco that are a Must Visit

Morocco is an amazing destination and visitors to the country are always impressed by what it has to offer. The country is home to numerous historical mosques and one of the most amazing things about them is that they are historical.

The Mosque of Al Quaraouiyine

In the beautiful city of Fes stands one of the most significant mosques of the country.…