These are some of the Most Visited Cities Globally

As I sit here starring at my Kangaroo paw plant, I wonder about all the places that I still wish to travel to. As global tourism continues to gain momentum, there are many destinations that have shown more growth than others. Cities such as Bangkok, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong have gained popularity in a significant way.

As you plan your next holiday, it helps to know what to expect as each city is unique in its own ways.


Bangkok has risen in popularity and has come to be one of the most visited cities in the world. Accessibility, accommodation options, shopping, and the environment are some of the reasons the Thai city has become quite popular. Wat Pho, Baiyoke Sky, quality street food, floating market, river cruising, marble temple, and giant Buddha have contributed to the popularity of the city. 

Hong Kong

As opposed to what many may perceive, Hong Kong is not a concrete jungle nor are the current protests the way of life. It has more to offer than shopping malls and Disneyland. There are mountains and water activities among other things to do. With the completion of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high-speed rail link and Zhuhai-Macau-Hong Kong Bridge, the city has seen a rise in tourism growth. 


Singapore is a city that offers its visitors endless possibilities and this has seen it gain momentum in global tourism. Besides the shopping opportunities that it has to offer, the Asian city is a paradise for art lovers, foodies, and outdoor adventurers. To learn and experience more of the local culture, there is the Singapore Art Week and other festivities that take place throughout the year. 


Besides stunning landscapes, wine tasting, designer shopping malls and galleries, the ‘City of Love’ has more to offer to its millions of visitors. Architecture is one of the many reasons the city has become quite popular. For example, the Eiffel Tower, the Notre-Dame, medieval market halls, abbeys, amphitheaters, and Roman temples are just some of the attractions. 


This fascinating destination is home to old-world Sino-European architecture, plenty of historical attractions and casinos. Once here, it’s clear why Macao that is also known as the continent’s gaming capital is a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. While here, don’t miss out on a visit to the Senate Square otherwise known as Largo do Senado, one of the many casinos and the ruins of St. Paul’s Church.

For a destination to be popular with tourists, it must be unique in its own ways. From accessibility; shopping opportunities, attraction sites, locals’ attitudes towards visitors, nightlife, architecture, security, and political stability are important in attracting visitors to a destination.